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When I recovered memories of my childhood sexual abuse, I felt as though my mind, my brain was being haunted. This poem by Emily Dickinson best expresses those feelings of being haunted by the past, by my assault. It inspired me to create the following piece of assemblage art.

One need not be a chamber - to be haunted -

One need not be a House-

The Brain - has Corridors surpassing

Material Place -

Far safer, of a Midnight - meeting

External Ghost -

Than an Interior - confronting -

That cooler - Host

Far safer, through an Abbey - gallop -

The Stones chase -

Than moonless - Ones self encounter -

In lonesome place -

Ourself - behind Ourself - Concealed -

Should startle - most -

Assassin - hid in Our Apartment -

Be Horror's least -

The Prudent - carries a Revolver -

He bolts the Door,

Overlooking a Superior Specter

More near -

Emily Dickinson

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